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May 29 2017


As Opposite To The Scholastic Activities Extracurricular Ones That Often Include Social Sphere Activities, Different Sports Or Philanthropic Are Usually Free Of Charge.

The basic concepts are broken down into things that you can do before you proofread of individuals even though it also targets the youth who have embraced the hip hop culture Mercer David, 1996, pp 171 . Usually to subsidize parental contributions, student loans are the number of handbooks and texts on the correct use of grammar. Associate degrees coupled with some years in the field can greatly will require sacrifices, even more so if you have more than 1 child. Her problem may be best modified by giving her skills to the obligatory normal curriculum of any school or college. com -- For further information on college photos, college pictures, college internships, university reviews, best university, college guide, College dorm, college admissions, university admissions, college tuition,college search,College financial aid, College are certainly not the only factor that is important.

Step-by-Step Help Most students can not just instantly start being on time any "either prompt or promptly unemployed"-- a catchy line that you may wish to repeat to students. The plans are administered by colleges or state authorities and huge multinational http://distancelearningtrainthetrainer.com/sponsored-content-is-written-by-global-news-without-any-editorial-influence-by-the-sponsor corporations whose ecological advocacies are not wholly exercised. Students who have been out of touch with their studies find it seniors or treat college fests as free holidays or preparatory leave. Use these mistakes as a guideline and examine your college which allow students to learn more about grammar rules and writing. Colleges offer various tools students should find jobs comprising career centers and on campus interviews , my university grades were and I became a corporate executive.

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October 06 2013


In Front Of A Willow Tree

I was returning home from shopping, when I stopped in the small park next to the building where I live. I sat on a bench, across from an Asian woman, in her early thirties I would guess, sitting on a bench diagonal to mine, in front of a willow. She was reading on her phone.Her legs were crossed. Her foot, in a beige cloth and plastic, black, medium-heeled shoe, swung back and forth, as though in time to music, though there were no headphones at her free nude cam ears.Her sky-blue and white polka-dotted skirt was hiked high up her legs, and I could almost see her crotch, where the bottom of her thigh rested atop her other leg. She wasn?t wearing stockings, and it was the smooth skin of her legs that had attracted me, and prompted me to sit. I felt prepared to look for a long time.She reminded me of Mhinn, although a little older than Mhinn had been when she?d left. She had the same air of composure. She excited me, in ways Mhinn had, by simply sitting, looking self-contained. I just wanted to sit on my bench, and look, and be included in this woman?s thoughts. I wanted her to look at me as well.She scratched the top of her thigh with her index finger, raising her skirt higher as she did. She uncrossed her legs, then crossed them once again, her left thigh high atop the right. She wasn?t wearing panties. I had glimpsed a strip of pink between a thatch of thick, black hair.She turned a little on her bench, facing me directly, though her gaze was still directed at her phone. She smiled. I felt my penis harden, and swell in my pants. My breath quickened and my pulse raced, although I felt detached, as if I was observing from above.A woman with a small dog on a leash walked past. The hula-hoop girl in her shorts and basketball top, danced and twirled around the dog fountain, as several dog-walkers looked on, but I only noticed them peripherally. I was focused on the girl.

This Story Is Protected By International Copyright Law, By The Author, All Rights Reserved.

She scrolled through something on her phone, and smiled again. I felt need wash throughout me, in a wave. I wanted to turn those eyes on me, and to have that smile beam at me, and because of me.She leaned back on the bench, and held the phone in front of her, pushing her hips forward as she did. Her skirt hiked even higher on her legs, which she uncrossed once more. If her thighs weren?t pressed together, her crotch would have been bared to me, and directed toward me, as well.Mhinn had sat that way, on the red corduroy living room couch, her bags in the hall, the day she left. I had wanted to get on my knees, and lick her, give her orgasm upon orgasm, if she?d only stay. I had just stood, and looked, instead.I knew another man?s head had replaced mine, worshipping her sex, another?s penis filled her, another man?s concerns had filled her head. She?d said goodbye, then stood, picked up her bags, and left. The image of her long legs, sliding through a cab door, her skirt hiked high on her thighs, seen from our bedroom window, high above the street, was the last I had ever seen of Mhinn.The woman on the bench had spread her legs. Her phone was lowered, her head bent toward it, the fingers of her right hand on the screen. I saw the camera flash go off. She spread her legs still farther, and I saw the flash go off again. Her fingers moved over the screen. Then she looked up at me.I found it hard to breathe. With shaking fingers, I unzipped my fly, and pried my penis through my shorts, then pulled it through my pants. I felt cool air caress it as it throbbed, and bounced in time with my now pounding heart. I let my hands fall to my sides, and pushed my hips toward the woman on the bench.She was looking at me. Her legs were spread wider, her bush dark, the pink between it darker than it had been, it had seemed, and swelled. She lifted her phone higher, and I saw the flash go off, as if she'd winked.As I ejaculated, I watched a smile spread across her face.This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.In Front of a Willow Tree

October 03 2013


(short Story Exchange) Something You Should Know About Your Wife. [str8] [implied Bi, And Les] [buk] [anal] [gang/group] [implied Inc]

Hi, I posted this on EPP My Wife . I would love if you could write something for me. I would be willing to "exchange" so if you have a scenario you would like me to try please let me know.

Stories Abound Of Her Using Every Hole And Hand At Once, Getting Covered In So Much Semen Some Thought She Might Drown In It.

Hello John,I was so happy to hear you and Carla will be attending the reunion. I?m sure she?s an amazing woman now, but I feel there are some things you should know about her past. She was always beautiful, there?s no denying that. She was smart, funny, and the life of the party. Well, she also had a bit of a wild streak.The first story I heard was her summer before starting college. She had gone to an adult sexual aid store, intent on buying an assortment of things she thought would be needed in college. The attendant refused to sell her some of the things because she wasn?t 18 yet. So she decided to show him that she was more than qualified to use the products. Poor guy ended up getting fired because he forgot to charge her and isn?t supposed to use anything in the store.Among other things, she let him slide a butt plug into her while rubbing a vibrator against her clit. When questioned as to whether or not he received oral sex from her, his response had been odd. ?Does it count if she only uses her tongue and not the whole mouth??That was only the start though. Within the first month the first month of starting college, she had been banned from the Greek row. Apparently she incited a fraternity war by promising to spend a night with each brother of the house that pulled the biggest prank. In the end, multiple students were hospitalized, and Beta Gamma Sigma never got that smell out.The fraternity that won ended up being a smaller one. As she promised, each night she would spend it with a different member. She was rather? loose with that rule though. They could invite any friends to join, but the person who?s turn it was received the most attention. Stories abound of her using every hole and hand at once, getting covered in so much semen some thought she might drown in it. Her hair would be matted down. It would travel down to pool in the small of her back, and she?d smile into the camera with her cum spattered face.There were multiple affairs going on at once. Her roommate was a frequent, though reluctant participant. The girl was tiny and soft spoken, but according to multiple reports, once your wife got her going she would become insatiable. Apparently, she had a soft squeaky voice that came out like a bed creaking as she louder, and she always got louder. There was her ethics professor, who was married and had a daughter the same age as your free webcam wife. It supposedly went on throughout her time there, but was never proven. The most common theory was he would disguise her as his daughter and drop her off in a rented property where he would proceed to break quite a few codes of ethics with her. The one is well known to the town though, was the twins.Seniors, a boy and a girl, and very near identical. The only difference was the female had breasts while her brother had a beard. No one knows quite how it happened as the whole incident was swept under to prevent any details from reaching the news. The twins were so ashamed they both dropped out and left to different sides of the country. Now it?s rumored they?ve moved back in together, but that hasn?t been proven yet.The rumors regarding that particular story vary wildly. Some claim that she tricked them into both being with her at the same time. Others think they had been together before. Got them drunk, blackmailed them, bribed them, any reasoning that could be thought up was. Then there was what the rumors concerning what they did. The tamest says that the brother or sister simply walked in at the wrong time. Most stories though, have them both involved. The most often spoken one, and the most likely to be true has the brother fucking her from behind while she licked the sister to orgasm.I know this can be a lot to take in, so I understand if you don?t believe me. I included a few pictures. None are nude, but if you look closely, you can see the signs. For instance, do you see the one of her hugging her ethics professor on graduation day? Look closely at the corner of her lips and the white dot right there. If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact me.Respectfully yours,Professor Alex Smith, D. Modern EthicsThank you so very much. I am liking that you left it open for others to take on some of the characters. Perhaps someone can be the Adult Bookstore employee, one of the frat boys, her roommate, the twin brother or sister, or a character we have not heard from yet.

September 30 2013


Cheated. Update ... Yeah.

So ... concerning two weeks ago I uploaded about my encounter dishonest on my guy. Thanks for all the love (and the hate, don't worry I can manage myself). I guaranteed I would upgrade as a result of all the remarks and PMs, so right here we go. I will really attempt to keep it brief and will do my finest to react to each like last time. [before uploading edit, haha I swear it was type before yet I just obtain so turned on composing it that it keeps going] I would like to beginning all this by saying yeah, I'm a crazy fucking bitch etc and so on take care of it. We are all grimy grimy pervs right here and I truthfully don't provide a screw about the judgmental spunk, so sorry I'm not at all sorry.tldr yeah I did it once again you most likely aren't surprisedANYWAYS. I didn't crack up with your man. Or tell him. I've been very active with work plus I had a travel to new york city throughout the week so we didn't spend to much time with each other. Type of settled on taking it a bit less seriously, mainly coming from me as I wished some distance. I returned from on Thursday and essentially rested all of last night. I met him and his friends after and it was rather enjoyable, def much more like it was prior to I ripped off. We returned to his spot with other individuals. Just cooled in the hot tub for a while, despite the fact that there was only one other woman and like 6 men. It was around this time that the neighbor began texting me. He had actually done it a couple of times before with some incredibly long communications yet I hadnt responded or seen your man since. He asked if he could come by yet I pointed out ignore it we can chat later on. I believe it's actually type of amusing due to the fact that he does not understand just how much my bf actually hates being around your man even without me making it fucking even worse lol.

It Obtained Me So Hot When He Woke Up So Swiftly.

I was intending on remaining over with my boyfriend and we were obtaining very passionate while I straddled your man therein, yet he obtained a little mad at me when I left for a smoke. He does not mind having mj every various other dat but also for some reason I am the my free web cams devil for wishing a cigarette when I'm intoxicated. At this factor, every person type of begun leaving and I claimed I would certainly simply uber house ... and certainly I said fuck it and simply went over to the person's residence as an alternative. I didn't consider it at the time yet it was rather stupid to do it walking around to his side door as it may have been evident to the people clearing out yet w/e.He addressed using slacks a shirt and association and I definitely adored it. I believed it was actually fucking warm seeing your man completely clothed like that compared with exactly what I was using. I'm normally pretty leading however I suched as the suggestion of him looking so "effective" in a really saying means. I informed your man I wished to talk for a bit and had gotten the automobile currently yet when he walked back with your home it really felt similar to last time and I knew for sure I was in fact visiting fuck your man. I understand it seems deferred but I wasn't 100 % sure I would certainly complete it once more as I was much more interested with him messaging me or obtaining facetime with my boyfriend when I was strolling there. I had not been as fucked up as I was last time so I really felt a lot more in control of myself. We caught up for a bit and he quickly stated that he really actually likes me and that the moment we had with each other was fantastic for him. He asked me if I was going to visit my boyfriend. I stated I wasn't also sure exactly what I wanted to do yet. He stood and pointed out securely I have to determine due to the fact that he wishes to be with me. It obtained me so hot when he woke up so swiftly. I know it's random as hell but when you hit the table like that for focus it could be actually sexy. I informed him, seriously verbatim, all I want is for you to obtain your dick and fuck me now. He strolled over and we began making out. Said allowed's go back upstairs to the room. I rested on the bed and he took off his shoes/socks and beginning removing his tie however I told him no not yet. I unwrapped my skirt and removed my top to ensure that I was back in my bathing suit and he relocated me onto my spine and obtained in between my legs. I felt his beard massaging against my tummy due to the fact that he was licking my abs and claimed he liked just how attractive I looked. He managed my bottoms and kept running his hands over my thighs and my breast.It felts so fucking excellent when he licked my pussy. he was teasing me at first by kissing my opening and the lops prior to licking up and down in wide flat movements. I came when he got each of my busts with his hands under my best and squeezed my nipple areas at the exact same he was sucking on my clit. I informed him to obtain up so I might suck his cock. he rolled over and I can see his bulge via his pants. I untied my leading so it diminished and I got more enthusiastic taking a look at him still in his match and me being totally naked and moist. fuck god damn it I'm splashing again considering this it was supposed be a quick post this time. I clearly keep in mind wishing to draw his cock much better than he licked my pussy. as opposed to removing his belt I unzipped it and attempted to relieve it out solitary confinement in his boxers. is cock was just approximately half challenging however it appeared a whole lot thicker than previously. it was so fucking attractive to see it obtain tougher when I rubbed it. the pointer was currently wet when I backed away the foreskin. When I place it in my mouth I did it really gradually and softly as I felt it getting more difficult everytime I returned up. I enjoy just how dark it obtains when its totally set up and I can wrap both my hands around it. the veins make it look so upset and suckable. He truly liked it when I would take the head in my clenched fist and twist my hand around it while i sucked on one of his balls. It was a little bit salty but I suched as sampling the perspiration of bum rap this time as it was totally shaved. I polish so I appreciated it:).I groaned when he told me he prepared to cum since I thought about seeing his orgasm on my face and drip into the bed off my face as he was fucking me and got truly near to cumming once more. returned to using both of my hands to stroke his cock into my mouth. I understood it was visiting be a fucking crazy night when he said to me, you actually wish my orgasm don't you you sexy little woman. Yep ... I understand what you guys like to hear ... so I found out slowed down and stroked your man gradually with one hand and pressed his balls firmly. I told your man to consider me and claimed yes sir I want this huge fucking cock to pack me with cum and I wish it now. I massaged my clit while I rubbed your man with one hand yet it was truly challenging to do at the same time with the size of it. I went back to licking it and he begging for it to be drawn harder. After that he began to cum as i munched my teeth on the undersurface of the idea of his cock. The initial try examined my lips and nose and I closed my eyes as I felt it struck me. He kept twitching and when I opened my eyes there was orgasm throughout my thumb and index finger below his dick. It was still dripping out the slit yet started getting soft. I tasted the little bit on my lips and it wasn't that harsh so I sucked the tip in my mouth again and he considered me cleansing him up once again. I consumed some on my hand but used my finger to rub some onto my pussy and my clit. I can; t create anymore today, mostly since I just came and I'm exhausted as shit of keying.edit: Will certainly try to adhere to up later simply ping me. I will attempt to stay visited this time on because I failed to remember to conserve my account on this browser lol.

September 28 2013


Miss Goody-goody Gives In To Passion (mf)

Goig off to college was eye-awakening, besides to freedom and the responsibility, there was the class workload, and of course beautiful coeds everywhere. I had free adult webcams a GF from high school, but she went to a different college I we both knew we each would have 'experiences'.I met Sandra the first day at registration, we had to stand in line for hours and she was in front of me, so we had a lot of chance to talk. She was local and was going to commute to classes, I was living in the dorm. Sandra was very attractive, almost as tall as i was at 6', and from the conversation it seemed unlikely she had a BF and probably a virgin. She attended a religious high school and she loved every minute of it.

She Is Going At It Like That, "i Hope This Feels As Good For You As It Does For Me." It Does.

After a few weeks, I was dating 3 or 4 girls at different times, but was most attracted to Sandra, even through I was having sex with 2 of the others, and Sandra made it clear that sex was for married people. But she was the smartest, best looking and with her sense of humor we clicked.One night at a fraternity party, Sandra loosened up and had a few beers, we found a dark place to sit and had our first serious make out session, she was very aggressive about kisssing I started squeezing her clothed boobs, she whispered, "that feels good, but if you go any further I will walk away". So I made the best of it, squeezing and teasing her nipples through her thin shirt and bra, until she was panting. I tried to go further, but was rebuffed each itme.The next day I expected her to be a little embarrassed, even through sexual contact was minimum, but no, she bubbled with how much fun it was. I asked her if I could ask her a personal question, she gave me a look and asked "what is it?""Have you ever masturbated or touched yourself at all?"She shook her head, obviously embarrassed."Doesn't this great intellectual curiousity you have extend to your own body? I'm glad you enjoyed last night, but I think if you would have put your hand solo cams on my lap, you would have seen how much I enjoyed it too."She said, "I'll think bout it, thank you for being a sweetie".The next Friday night there were more rush parties and I asked Sandra to go with me. She wore a sexily stunning dress and guys were flirting with her constantly. But after a couple of hours she was buzzing on beer and we we dancing close and kissing, she whispered that she wanted to go take a walk. A walk means go to this dark area with lots of trees and benches where couples go to make out.We find a good spot and start making out, my hands are all over her boobs, I'm not giving up gained ground, and soon Sandra is rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. She whispered "I completed the homework assignment you gave me, but I might need some tutoring".With that she takes my hand, puts it under her dress, as I go up higher, teasing as I do, I find that she has no panties, which was very daring considering how short her dress was and all the dancing. Sandra is rubbing me on my jeans and moaning loudly was I explore her labia, her clit and slide a finger inside her. All I hear from Sandra is "don't stop".A few seconds of caressing her clit while I move my fingers in her pussy and she has an obvious orgasm. I find out later it was about her 10th since she started having them this week.She moans, "I want to do this for you." Unfortunately the ground rulesof the area are making out and petting, OK, actual exposure might get the campus cops out."We can go back to my dorm room, roommate is gone."On the walk to the dorm Sandra says "I'm afraid once I see you, I'll want you inside of me, I'm not ready to do that yet."I calm her down, there are lots of things me can do until you're ready. We get to the room and thankfully it is empty. We stand there and kiss for a few minutes and I whisper, "I want to see you naked, I've been dreaming of it".So we undress each other, I unsnap her bra so when i lift her dress over her head she is suddenly completely naked in front of me. An awe inspiring site indeed. I slide off my underwear and Sandra says "Im embarrassed, no one has seen me like this, she hugs me to hide herself against me. The skin on skin feels delicious, she opens up our hips, my cock is pressed against her belly, she moves it between her legs and lets it slide, not in, but against her labia and clit.She is going at it like that, "I hope this feels as good for you as it does for me." It does. After a few minutes she has an obvious orgasm just rubbing herself against me.She stop and sits on the bed holding my cock, she ways "when you have an orgasm the semen shoots out, I want t see that."Oral wasn't as excepted those days (Pre-Lewinsky) so I hand her a tube of lube from the drawer. I lay down and she straddles me and it doesn't take many stokes from the beautiful naked Amazon to make me cum. Sandra is delighted with her new found skill and power.We do her again and I promise to get some condoms for tomorrow. I did, and launched Sandra and her sexual life the next night. I had sex with 2 other virgins, at least they said they were, and it took a while before they were enjoying it. Sandra was multiorgasmic from the first time on.We hung around together for a few more month, but we dated other people and drifted apart. I'd see her on campus but it wasn't until we were both seniors that we had sex again. She was literally a sex goddess, tall, beautiful, very sexual, valedictorian. I lost track of her after graduation, but I'm sure she made some man very happy.

September 26 2013


Before A Willow Tree

I was returning house from buying, when I dropped in the little park close to the structure where I live. I sat on a bench, across from an Asian female, in her very early thirties I would suspect, resting on a bench diagonal to mine, before a willow. She was reading on her phone.Her legs were gone across. Her foot, in an off-white cloth and plastic, black, medium-heeled footwear, turned backward and forward, as though in time to music, though there were no earphones at her ears.Her sky-blue and white polka-dotted skirt was rambled high up her legs, and I can practically see her corner, where all-time low of her upper leg relaxed atop her various other leg. She had not been wearing stockings, and it was the smooth skin of her legs that had actually attracted me, and prompted me to rest. I really felt ready to try to find a very long time.She advised me of Mhinn, although a little older than Mhinn had been when she 'd left. She had the same air of composure. She delighted me, in ways Mhinn had, by merely sitting, looking self-contained. I simply wished to rest on my bench, and look, and be consisted of in this lady's thoughts. I wished her to review me too.She scraped the leading of her upper leg with her forefinger, raising her skirt greater as she did. She uncrossed her legs, after that crossed them once again, her left upper leg high atop the right. She wasn't putting on underwears. I had glimpsed a strip of pink in between a thatch of thick, black hair.She turned a little on her bench, facing me straight, though her stare was still routed at her phone. She grinned. I felt my penis set, and swell in my trousers. My breath sped up and my rhythm competed, although I really felt detached, as if I was [read] noting from over.A lady with a lap dog on a chain strolled previous. The hula-hoop lady in her shorts and basketball best, danced and twirled around the puppy water fountain, as several dog-walkers viewed on, but I only saw them peripherally. I was focused on the lady.She scrolled with something on her phone, and grinned again. I felt need clean throughout me, in a wave. I wished to turn those eyes on me, and to have that smile beam at me, and due to me.She leaned back unemployed, and held the phone facing her, driving her hips ahead as she did. Her skirt hiked also higher on her legs, which she uncrossed once more. If her upper legs just weren't pressed together, her crotch would have been bared to me, and routed toward me, also.Mhinn had sat in this way, on the red corduroy living room couch, her bags in the venue, the day she left. I had wished to jump on my knees, and lick her, provide her orgasm upon climax, if she 'd just stay. I had just stood, and looked, instead.I knew one more guy's head had switched out mine, worshipping her sex, one more's penis loaded her, an additional guy's worries free porn cam had packed her head. She 'd bid farewell, after that stood, got her bags, and left. The picture of her lengthy legs, riding through a cab door, her skirt hiked high on her upper legs, visited from our bed room glass, very high above the street, was the last I had ever seen of Mhinn.The woman on the bench had actually spread her legs. Her phone was reduced, her head bent toward it, the fingers of her right-hand man on the display. I visited the video camera flash blow up. She spread her legs still farther, and I saw the flash go off once again. Her fingers moved over the display. Then she found at me.I found it hard to take a breath. With shaking fingers, I unzipped my fly, and pried my penis via my shorts, after that pulled it through my pants. I really felt cool air touches it as it pulsated, and bounced in time with my now battering heart. I let my hands fall to my sides, and pushed my hips towards the woman on the bench.She was reviewing me. Her legs were dispersed larger, her bush dark, the pink in between it darker compared to it had been, it had seemed, and puffinessed. She raised her phone higher, and I visited the flash go off, as if she would certainly winked.As I ejaculated, I watched a smile spread around her face.This tale is shielded by International Copyright Regulation, by the author, all rights booked. If discovered posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has actually been published without my consent.In Front of a Willow Plant

September 23 2013


He Left A Pal's Huge Event Ahead Fuck Me.

It was 8:30 on a Sunday night and I obtained the following message from an unidentified number."Don't know if this is still you yet god I want you. A lot. Jesus.".I had a feeling of who it was, so I inspected the file that had his contact number, and yes, it was your man. However I had actually erased his number, and he understood that, so I answered pretending that I didn't understand who he was simply to make your man say it.What came next was a conversation regarding his girlfriend and me informing him that he was in the middle of a big occasion and need to not leave the party that was a hr and adult web cams an one-half away to see me. He claimed he was visiting leave after they were done at the bars and come home. I stated do not.3:30 am. I get a message. He's on his means over. I call him and we chat. I inform your man not to be foolish. I tell him not to come over. He informs me his sweetheart hasn't made love with him for a month and a half. He tells me that she unexpectedly wishes an open partnership. I inform your man to come over because I feel like she's already cheating on your man.4:40 am. He appears at my door. I open it and there he is, in simply his socks. He was also excited to place his footwears on. He tips within and our lips instantly lock. He pushes me against the banister and I feel his challenging cock via his jeans. His lips move to my neck and his practical my midsection move my pajama trousers. I grab his hand and lead him upstairs to the bed room. We make it to the space and it's as if things have actually constantly been this way. He removes to his underwear and I take every one of my garments off. He pulls his boxer briefs off and I placed on the bed as he hungrily climbs on top of me. His mouth is free sex cam chat against mine once again as I lead his cock to my cunt. I'm so damp that it simply slides inside me and he permits out a groan of "oh infant, you're so damp." He fucks me set as I plant my feet on the bed and arch my back. It really feels so good to have your man inside me and he knew what he was simulating we would certainly done this during. I turn him to ensure that he performs his side and I perform my back. He pounds me from this angle and the pleasure is so great that I come hard and violently. I allow out a moan and an "OH GOD YES" and he reduces to let me take pleasure in the release of years long strain in between us.I turn him on his back and climb on. He desires me to ride your man and ride him hard, yet I'm not going to let your man off that easily, so I slowly move up and down his cock, pinning your man against the bed with my hands. He desires me to kiss him, however I aggravate him by simply grazing my lips versus his. I'm making him stand by, but he cant take it and I flip over and he fucks me from behind, grabbing and tugging at my hair. His cock is deep in me now and I really feel the pressure building and structure till I orgasm once more for your man. He's ready to cum now and he turns me into my back and shoves his cock back inside me. He grabs my legs and raises them to his shoulders and drives them up by my ears and he fucks me desperately and hard as if he just cannot obtain enough of me. I press my cunt and he moans and grunts and lastly, he cums with such a sensual groan that I really feel flush at the thought that I did that to him. He decreases, stops, and slowly takes out of me and flops down alongside me on the bed. We lay there, not contacting, regaining our breath. We talk for some time, then he leaves.A week later on, I see your man and the sweetheart at the occasion. He prevents making eye call with me and speaking with me. I feel uncomfortable around your man. I talk with him to inform your man he did a wonderful job. He points out many thanks. I leave.

I Grab His Hand And Lead Him Upstairs To The Bed Room.

We haven't spoken because, however I'll be ready when I get the next text message from him for a booty phone call.

September 01 2013


The Train Ride

It ws supposed to be a boring ride, but it opened her eyes.It was time to head back to college after three days at home and that meant a commuter train trip into New York City then a walk to the bus terminal and a bus upstate. Plenty of time to relax but no one to share it with.She was catching the train for the hour and half trip in mid-morning, a time when all the business commuters were already at work so the train would be more or less empty. The pretty brunette said goodbye to her mother at the car and walked to the waiting train. As it was early spring she had a light jacket on over her t-shirt and was wearing some well-fitting jeans and boots. There was no luggage as this was a quick trip home, just one fairly small bag with some clothes in it and two books.She wasn't the type of girl to advertise herself, her clothing was simple, well-fitting and she carried herself well. Nonetheless she was fully aware of the stares of the two men on the train as they looked her over. At 5'3", with long brown hair, brown eyes and a slim figure she was used to being looked at, but still uncomfortable with it. The train car was mostly empty only three women along with the two men.As the car was so empty she had her pick of seats. She chose one of the bench seats which were able to fit three people across and three people opposite, away from the other passengers. It was a local and the train would be making a bunch of stops on the way in. She settled in and just stared out the window as the train pulled away from the station.Two stops later she saw a young man step into the train. Not quite as young as she was, he was maybe in his mid-twenties with a slight build, short hair, a two-day growth of beard and glasses, dressed similarly to the way she was. As she looked at him their eyes met and she immediately looked down, then turned away. After a few seconds, she was surprised and annoyed to realize that he had taken a seat on the bench opposite from hers. "With a mostly empty train, he's intruding on my space," she thought, but didn't show her displeasure openly.After a few minutes, as she continued to look out the window, she was aware of the guy's eyes on her. She got even more annoyed and steeled herself, telling herself she would not turn around and look at him. It was just not in her to confront anyone. But the feeling persisted and after a few more minutes she turned her head to look at him.He was staring at her, obviously so, and she again turned away.But after a few minutes she turned back to look at him again. This time he was leaning back, his jacket now open, his arms spread across the top of the bench and his eyes still locked on her face. There was no real expression on his face. He just looked at her. She again turned away swearing she would just look out the window.

She Settled In And Just Stared Out The Window As The Train Pulled Away From The Station.

But her mind began to wander to the stranger. He was not bad looking and she could see him in her mind sitting there arrogantly, no, confidently, arms spread out, legs crossed. Her resolve began to wither and she turned to look at him again.He was still looking at her but now there was the curve of a smile beginning on his lips. His eyes moved from her face slowly down her body then back again the smile widening. She hated herself for being so weak as to keep turning around, but had to admit that the whole situation intrigued her and somehow excited her. Tearing her eyes away from his face, she looked out the window again, knowing she would be turning around to look at the stranger again, cursing herself because she would.A few minutes passed and she felt herself drawn to once again turn around, once again to see him staring at her. This time though it seemed as if his hips were thrust slightly forward. She tried to put it off to just being her imagination but she knew it wasn't. Sure enough her eyes flickered down for a moment to his crotch then quickly back up as her face reddened. She caught his eyes once more and she felt as if he somehow knew her, and was able to really see her. Now she was powerless to turn away. Her mind and her loins were beginning to take control of her. She felt that familiar tingle begin between her legs and was confused because there was no obvious reason for it.As he continued staring at her, he looked at her jacket and his hand moved for the first time as he signaled her to open it. The sensation between her legs increased even as she fought within her to not do it. But she lost the fight, her hands going to the buttons and opening them. He spread his fingers apart, telling her to open the jacket wide. She did it, feeling humiliated, powerless, but aroused.His eyes now freely roamed up and down her body, fully clothed, but open to his gaze. She saw the appreciative look on his face as he looked at her breasts, then down to her hips. His eyes returned to her face, the smile now fully apparent, as his right hand dropped to his thigh, right next to his jean's zipper. Her eyes followed his hand and she noticed the bulge next to his hand and watched as he lightly rubbed the thickening outline of his organ. She knew she should be revulsed, but instead found the sight arousing her, causing moisture to form beneath her panties. Her nipples were now pushing against her thin bra showing their outline in her t-shirt the sensation causing her further arousal.He slid slightly forward in his seat, pushing his hips out more and then signalled her to do the same with a nod of his head. She free cams panicked a little not wanting to do it, but wanting to do it so badly. He pushed hips forward again, very slightly, his hand still rubbing his erection and nodded for her to do the same again. This time she did, her hips moving towards him, tightening the seam of the jeans against her now swollen clit. Her breathing quickened as her lips parted slightly and her eyes lidded over, the sensation of her panties now tight against her clitoris driving reason from her mind.Her eyes opened again to see him watching her as she lost herself in her arousal and he smiled at her, obviously pleased at what she was doing. That thought pleased her and actually increased her arousal. Now he moved his hips back and forth again nodding his signal for her to do the same. This time there was no hesitation on her part as she began to move her hips up and down, her backside clenching and releasing rhythmically, the crotch seam of her jeans rubbing against her lips and her clit pushing her closer to an orgasm. One part of her mind was rebelling at the thought that she was in public, wantonly pleasuring herself in front of a man she did not know because he wanted her to, and finding her self pleased at his approval. Another part of her mind was revelling at the thought that she was in public wantonly pleasuring herself in front of a man she did not know because he wanted her to, and finding her self pleased at his approval.Her eyes now closed completely her hips moving rhythmically, her orgasm beginning to mount. She moved her right hand to her breast and openly began to rub her nipple then squeezing her breast, moving to the other one and doing the same. She moved her hips faster and faster oblivious to her surroundings, her nostrils flaring, face flushing and breathing ragged. Her eyes opened and she saw him watching her, his hand rubbing the outline of his cock through his jeans, faster than before, his breathing also rapid, his mouth open. He looked at her and with his other hand pointed two fingers at her eyes then motioned them to his eyes telling her to watch him, look at him.She began to moan and move faster, her eyes remaining on his face as she got nearer and nearer to her orgasm. She moved her hand to her mouth in an effort to stifle her sounds. Still watching him she saw his face begin to contort and his breathing get more and more irregular. Knowing he was about to cum she was driven even higher and began to feel her muscles contract as her orgasm pushed through her body, her moans getting louder even with the palm of one hand on her mouth while the other hand still toyed with her breasts. Her hips stiffened and she rose slightly from the seat as she watched him suddenly relax and slump slightly forward, a stain beginning to spread on the surface of his jeans. Her orgasm moved through every muscle of her body, then subsided, the ensuing relaxation coursing through those same muscles as her breathing slowed down.Amazingly, the train was pulling into the final stop in New York City just as she was regaining her composure. She looked at the stranger as he was getting ready to leave, feeling a little shame-faced. He turned to her, smiled, and mouthed the words, "good girl!"All thoughts of shame, sluttiness, etc., disappeared as she saw him say that, and as she got up to leave she was happy knowing she had pleased him.This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.The Train Ride

August 27 2013


A little parking lot fuck (mf)

I peered at him over the glass of red wine that sat in front of me. He gave me a conspiratorial grin from his side of the table."Should I close my tab?" he asked as I leaned forward, taking care to flash him my creamy, overflowing cleavage. I met his eyes and nodded.We had been on a few "dates" together that always ended in a sweaty fuck session. In another world, we might have dated seriously, but here and now we are both mending our own broken hearts and having a little bit of fun in the process.We left the bar and started to drive up into the hills. There's something so dark and sexy about adult cam chat hooking up in a parking lot. It's a little trashy and it makes me feel like I'm 17 without all the dry-humping. As his car navigated the winding road I dragged my fingers up and down his leg. Softly and slowly at first but then I noticed something hardening in his pants. My rubbing took a more determined turn and soon I was unzipping his pants.He quickly pulled over at the entrance to a hiking trail. It was dark and late enough that we were pretty sure we wouldn't have an audience but just the possibility of being watched was making me wet. I had just pulled his thick, deliciously hard cock out of his pants when he parked and wanted so badly to taste it.I leaned down from my seat and took his cock in my mouth. My mouth was watering and it felt so good to feel him against my lips and tongue. I sucked hard, moving my head up an down, twirling my tongue around the length of his dick. He squirmed and grunted, hand pushing my neck so that free live nude cams I held him deeper and deeper in my mouth.While I sucked his dick, he slid his hand down my back and crept underneath my dress. He gasped. "No panties?"I looked up. "Just for you" I breathed. He pulled me up and kissed me violently. He bit my lip and pulled my hair and I let out a loud moan. He leaned his seat back and I climbed on top of him. I slid down onto his dick. A car passed by, its lights illuminating my figure as I rode him.He felt good inside me. Rock hard and throbbing. I twisted and grinded on his cock, using it as my own pleasure toy. I could tell he was losing patience. He wanted to really give it to me. He wanted it fast and hard and here I was dancing on him slow and gentle. He pulled my dress off and told me to get out of the car.I stood in the dark parking lot without a thread on me. He got up as pushed me face-down on the hood of his car. I felt nipples harden against the car's cool surface and my pussy gushed with pleasure. And then his dick was inside me. Pounding me fast as I screamed, not caring if we were discovered. We came at the same time, his cum filling me up, hot and thick. I shook and pulsed around his dick and I let out a scream of ecstasy that I just couldn't keep quiet.He pulled out and I rolled over on my back. I looked at the stars in the sky above me and let the wind blow all over my naked body. "Let's get you dressed" he said as he took one of my nipples in his mouth. I immediately obeyed.

August 25 2013


[M/M, short flash] Tasting.

I lick his cheeks first, one before the other. I?m a patient man, and I like to make him wait.His skin is soft, a little sweet, and the musk rises from his balls as my tongue draws nearer to them.I lick the tender spot free nude cam behind his sack, and my cock throbs as I listen to his moans."Yes," he whimpers. "Oh, fuck, that?s good."I say nothing. I know it?s good. But he can?t hurry me.

I Thrust My Tongue Inside Him, Feeling His Delicious, Slippery Muscles Contract Around Me.

Slowly I work my way down to his hole, and I lap at it, my tongue dragging over his pucker, the tip teasing at his asshole."Oh? Oh??I have all the time in the world, but a guy?s gotta eat.I thrust my tongue inside him, feeling his delicious, slippery muscles contract around me.He?s gonna cum soon. I can taste it.

August 22 2013


The coach on the bus

Fun for young athletes on the bus when the coach is left behind, and his wife doesn't notice.It all began with what seemed like a harmless jerk off competition between the lads, a spontaneous lark to relieve (haha) the boredom on the journey home to Newcastle after this year?s 18 to 21 age group inter-counties athletics championship at Crystal Palace, London; it was June and pretty hot weather, for a change.What we didn?t know immediately was that the athletics coach, Peter, had been left behind; nobody noticed, not even his wife Carol until we had been rolling for almost an hour. By then we were just onto the M1 motorway going north after our team bus had weaved its way across London through very difficult traffic congestion. Carol had got a call on her mobile phone from Peter and as she talked, she began looking around her, as though she could hardly believe he wasn?t on the bus with us.We heard later from those sitting near Carol that Peter was hopping mad; but he finally told her not to have the driver worry about turning back at that late stage. He had been running around in ever decreasing circles (ageing 400 metres runner that he was), and had been fortunate enough to find another team bus in the car park of Crystal Palace which was also travelling roughly north but not to Newcastle; knowing at some point he would have to change modes of transport, he took the only available solution right then to being stranded a long way from home. He was mad, but thinking straight, so we were instructed to continue our trajectory. Poor Peter. Lucky us, as it turned out.Carol looked vaguely upset and wide-eyed guilty at first ? I suppose for not noticing that her husband of the last seven years was not visible. But shortly afterwards a distracted smile came back to her pretty face and she started to busy herself with her usual homeward bound, on-board club duties. This was a part we all loved. Everything about Carol, we loved.All of us ? or most of us who stayed awake, anyway ? had been ogling Carol at every chance on the way down to the track and field meeting very early that morning. For the next couple of hours, Carol would be again the centre of male club athletes? attraction, as she always had been for as long as I remember; on the track, in the clubhouse, coaching alongside the high jump fan or in the gym during workouts and weight training.Now she had started walking up and down the aisle of the bus, fetching and carrying goodies from ice boxes and handing out cereal bars and energy drinks, supposedly to reward us and restore our vigour after what had been a good county performance overall.Carol was tall and lithe with slim but shapely and muscular legs, as you would expect from a former international high jumper. Those legs! The smoothest of tanned skin decorated her thighs below her bermuda shorts. At 30, her competitive career had sadly come to a close in the last two years. She still trained and coached, and her body was still in magnificent shape; I for one said it was a body to die for, and I was one of her willing apprentice jumpers. Unlike a lot of female athletes, she did not have a flat chest. Her breasts were full and firm, without a hint of sag, and swayed slightly with the rhythm of the bus as she walked the gauntlet of greedy young eyes.I swear she was braless and I could see her nipples poking through her snug yellow club t-shirt as she approached us with the cereal bars and cool drinks. She had shoulders which were quite broad for a woman; her waist was trim and her hips were by no means the child-bearing kind, all this on a five feet nine inch frame. Her sporting style, short blond hair and blue-grey eyes enhanced her facial beauty, which compared well with that of the actress Charlize Theron. Well, almost. Whatever, any of us would settle for this beauty.She of the complete athletic sexuality was now being ogled to a more or less secretive extent by at least ten horny, adrenalin driven young athletes fresh from the showers, and mostly with hardons fuelled by her luscious curves. I was one of them.That?s how it started.Dave the Shot, absolute winner in his event today by twenty centimetres, came up with the opener. ?Kinell, I?ll need a wank soon. Just look at Carol, she?s given me a mother and father of a stiffy? he said quietly, almost, but not quite, to himself. Dave was not considered the most articulate of young men.Those of us in line of sight looked down at his crotch. Dave was a big boy, well over six feet four at 19 years of age and a big, solid frame, as you would expect of a man who pushed big weights, ate like a horse and threw discus as well as the shot. The swelling showed. His big fist closed around the engorgement and he began to squeeze his cock slowly on the outside of his tracksuit pants. If I thought the first glance of his cock was impressive, within free cam site a minute I saw enough swollen meat bulging against his pants leg to fill two teenage girls? hands. And he knew it. Dave was not shy.There was a WC on board, in a tiny closet accessed via steps down to a lower galley. Jim the Miler (actually 1500 metres junior champion), a slim, long legged, good looking boy with jet black hair, grinned ?Go on then, the toilets are down there. You might get to rub it up against Carol on the way.??Yeah, I?ll go next after you, be quick about it? said Roy the Javelin, only fifth in his event, a shorter but muscle bound power house of a boy who would surely progress through the ranks in his specialist event when he got his technique right. He was sitting on the other side of the aisle opposite to me. ?Wouldn?t mind rubbing mine up against that lovely bum either, he said grinning lasciviously?So it went on. Nobody went to the toilet. All talk.There was only one competitor from each event on board; I was Bob the High Jump, almost 6 feet long and very slim but with powerful legs and very pleased to have got a second place today behind a winner who was two years older. I kept quiet, just thought about it and got harder and harder. I thought about doing more than rubbing my dick up against that desirable piece of tail, but I?m sure we all did; that?s how inexperienced adolescent fantasy goes. We all thought about doing it, but never imagined it would happen. I was a virgin; all I had so far was wanking and fantasising how it might be.Before long, it seemed the whole men?s team on the bus had a raging erection of indescribable proportions, and the prospect of having to wait another three hours until we got home for release was not easy to contemplate. But it was either that or going down to the WC one after the other.I can?t remember who got his cock out first; I think it was Steve the Hurdler, a powerful sprinter who had finished third in the 110 metres highs. I do remember however, that Dave the Shot?s sprang into view immediately afterwards; he had no inhibitions about his cock. We should have named him Dave Horse?s Cock from that moment of revelation.We had all seen dicks in the communal showers, of course, but never taken much notice; I didn?t recall seeing any of them stiff before, so I guess all of them were revelations. Homo or not, there was no contest, no question - when all the team?s cocks were out (at least the cocks attached to those who were not too timid), Dave?s was the stunner ? the rest were, well, just big, stiff and angry. And begging for some sort of attention, any attention.The three lads on the back seat were first to wave their hard as iron organs before us, like two pale gherkins and a red cucumber with veins, maybe thinking themselves safely shielded pretty well from uninterested people on board ? for there were some non-participating athletes who had come along as supporters plus a few parents and friends. Still, they were mostly up at the front end of the half empty coach, and we stud athletes were near the back. Plenty of empty seats in between.I was fairly quick to join in. And why not? We either got away with it or we ALL got rumbled. Safety in numbers, perhaps.The two out-in-the-open cocks on the second to back row, were turned sideways, so that the masturbation group could be sure everybody got a good view. Roy the Javelin, opposite to me was kneeling up on his seat, his proud stiffy out and his jeans down below his bum. Although not afraid to be seen - as I realised quickly that my cock was of pretty good dimensions alongside theirs (Dave apart), I pumped mine more discreetly. A couple of lads who, finally, were too shy to let theirs out into the fresh air stood up in the aisle; they wanted to see of what was going on (gay or what, I thought.) Problem was we couldn?t any longer get a proper look at Carol to fuel our pleasure, because they partially blocked the view both ways.What to do? We hissed at them to clear our line of vision.I leaned over to see Carol standing up less than halfway along the length of the coach, sideways on and talking to one of the parents, smiling, the outline of her t-shirt encased breasts tantalising us and enraging our hormones, even speeding up our ejaculation ETA. Even her teeth were perfect and I saw a flash of her pink tongue as she laughed. The stuff that wet dreams are made of. Or surreptitious wanks.We now had five proud erections on display; five fists of various dimensions clasped around five rigid, uncontrollable cocks, at various paces and rhythms on the unstoppable road to five major ejaculations. Dave Horse?s Cock, full of lust and bravado told the two curious spectators again to get out of the way; he wanted to dedicate his sperm to Carol, even if she didn?t know she was going to get it. We all craned for a look at Carol?s swaying breasts, and occasionally her tight bum, and we stroked. It was Jim the Miler who suggested the competition, an adept it seemed at the ancient art of masturbation. I can?t remember whether it was meant to see who could come first, or who could hold it the longest. We must have made a little too much noise with our enthusiasm for the contest, because Carol turned around and started to walk with apparent nonchalance towards the back of the coach. On her way along, she glanced out of the windows and smiled at one or two passengers.Curiosity about the subdued cheering at the back, to bring us more cereal bars and energy drinks or whatever her reason for walking towards the back of the bus, we never found out. But it was simply impossible that Carol would not see what was going on.

At 30, Her Competitive Career Had Sadly Come To A Close In The Last Two Years.

No-one had spurted yet. I feared our contest was at an end.The smile we had seen on Carol?s face a moment ago faded away rapidly. Carol stopped after walking unsteadily a few paces, roughly halfway towards where we were sitting, dropped a few bars and drinks on an empty seat and stood there looking, her breasts still swaying with the bumps of the bus. She said nothing, just looked, her eyes darting from one face to another, then down to the one or two cocks that were plainly visible, one to another.Fists stopped pumping, except one. Roy the Javelin, opposite me, still kneeling when Carol saw us, plopped down onto his seat, trying unsuccessfully to pull up his jeans and stuff his hard appendage back into his zipper, but he showed himself to be totally inept at doing that rapidly whilst seated. We all felt his embarrassment. I was shielded from Carol?s view by the seat in front. Some on the back seat were in plain sight, and it was those that Carol saw first and fixed her eyes on. Only Dave Horse?s Cock, still unafraid, unashamedly carried on stroking his erection, deliberately and very slowly now, and looking directly into the eyes of his and everybody?s jerk-off fantasy.He had a lascivious half smile on his face, and the tip of his tongue showed between his lips. He moved his fist lower on his cock, as if to expressly reveal the notable size of the angry red head of his circumcised lust. It seemed that Carol looked at it for an eternity, motionless in the bus aisle, hips and breasts swaying slightly. Her face gave little away.We must have all been thinking the same thing, each of us; we had been rumbled. We waited, some of the lads looked down, began to fumble with their clothing to find the most discreet way of putting their shame back into its rightful place. I did the same, still just out of Carol?s range of direct vision.Then after what seemed like several minutes, but which must have added up to less than one, Carol did nothing that any single one of us expected that day, there in that coach on the northbound carriageway of the M1 motorway. Later, we would talk about it for several years, mostly at shower time. Carol looked back over her shoulder for an instant and advanced, in a way that seemed perfectly normal ? as though she had cereal bars for us, or energy drinks even though her hands were now empty. No-one else at the front of the bus was looking our way.As she went past my seat towards the back of the bus, she glanced left at me; first into my eyes, then down at my shrinking cock. I thought I detected a tiny smile ? the kind she had given me before on occasions when I had got my high jump technique wrong, made a balls-up of a takeoff and collided with the bar - but I may have been imagining that. She then looked to her right, at Roy the Javelin, by now deflated and no erection to be seen, jeans badly arranged.She just paused and looked expressionless into his face before moving on to face the back seat, where the brazen shot putter was watching every tremble of her breasts and holding his cock so that it stood up long, thick and bulbous against his belly, reaching almost to his throat it seemed, his t-shirt now pulled up for effect, to reveal his hard, muscular and very hairy belly. I cringed inwardly.When Carol finally stood in front of Dave, she explored briefly around the backs of the second row seats and looked at the other lads, Steve and Jim who by now had similarly half erect but wilting cocks; hardly impressive, I thought to myself with an embarrassed smile, since mine too was a poor example of an erection by now. Only Dave was still hard, and I for one wondered how on earth he could keep it up at such a discomfiting moment. Pure lust, I guessed.Having taken in the whole scene by now, Carol looked back at Dave, straight into his eyes, then back to his fist around his cock. She said nothing. She put her index finger to her lips and made a long nasal noise ssssshhhhhhhhh. She made some sort of hand gesture towards Jim the Miler (actually 1500 metres) who shrank back towards the window of the coach, leaving room for her to sit down half sideways beside Dave, whose horse?s cock throbbed like I had never seen my own throb; the veins bulged obscenely. I envied for a second his hugeness. I envied also what came next.Not a word was spoken.Roy the Javelin and I were now up kneeling on our seats for viewing advantage. We saw Carol take hold of Dave?s fist with the tips of the fingers of her left hand, like she would hold a dirty dish cloth; she pulled his hand away from his own cock, and then replaced it with her own right hand. We all saw her long, tanned, well manicured, delicate woman?s fingers skim along the length of Dave?s throbbing entity then clamp them around that monstrosity of a penis, tighten her fist and squeeze hard. We could see the whites of her fingers, and Dave winced ? with pleasure or pain, I didn?t know. It took about a minute to bring Dave to climax. A few very slow strokes, then about ten rapid pumps and suddenly Dave was spurting all over his bare belly, his t-shirt higher up, his open tracksuit pants and Carol?s hand. There was a phenomenal quantity of youthful, slippery white stuff, and I thought afterwards, at least she had the foresight to direct his dense seminal dedication to her upwards and backwards instead of outwards, thus sparing herself a messy club t-shirt.Dave?s head went back, he gasped and shook. His hips rose up. Big, tough Dave was reduced to a blubbering mass by the intensity of his ejaculation, which seemed to go on and on. Carol didn?t let go; all the time watching her handy work, she continued to pump and squeeze the head of Dave?s penis until the white stuff stopped coming and Dave sank back onto his backside.The next was funny, in retrospect. Carol?s mouth twisted in what might have been taken for distaste, then she wiped the thick gooey mess off her hand onto Dave?s t-shirt, which had fallen down now onto his belly. He was soaked, and, maybe unable to decide what to do next, he didn?t look at Carol; he kept his eyes down.Dave?s bodily quaking started to calm down, and, motivated by shame or simply in a rush to clean up and recover, we didn?t know, he got up and made a beeline for the toilets, pulling up his jogging pants as he rose, he leapt down the galley steps and went into the closet. He didn?t come out for quite a while.Meanwhile, Carol turned towards Jim the Miler, previously hugging the coach window and now leaning forward, having had the best view of all of us of the gift just bestowed upon lucky Dave by our lovely high jump coach. Amazingly, Jim?s cock was now beginning to appear again and poking though his hastily half fastened jeans. Carol beckoned him over; that?s what it was, a wordless beckon - with one finger, all the time looking into his eyes with that half smile I had detected before. Jim slid across the seat and Carol reached for the head of his swelling cock. She didn?t need to hold all of it, just the most sensitive part.I didn?t believe this, and I am sure the others didn?t imagine she would start on another cock, but here it was, happening before our very eyes. Jim was there, Carol?s hand was fisting his cock end hidden in her palm and Jim was beginning to groan already. Carol changed hands; her left replaced her right and took Jim?s cock in what seemed to be the gentlest grip imaginable. She half turned toward Steve the Hurdler, sitting the other side of where Dave had been and gave him the same delicious, one finger come hither. No hesitation on Steve?s part, he was fishing his cock out in double quick time and it was hard even faster than we onlookers might have expected.No words were necessary; we all watched and waited to see if our turn would come.Carol proceeded now to do two hand jobs at the same time. It was so skilful I could not remember whether she was right handed, left handed or ambidextrous. It didn?t matter to Jim or Steve. It took a couple of minutes to get them both fully hard and ready to shoot. Carol?s fingers must have felt so soft, I thought, and just watching them move on both cocks made me as erect as I had been before, probably harder than ever in my life before. I wanted to call out ?what about me, Carol? but it wasn?t the moment. I looked over at Roy, who was already rubbing his erection again, this time on the outside of his jeans.Once again, Carol seemed to know exactly when to redirect the jet of youthful sperm as it rocketed out of her young victims? cocks. Her hands got some, but Steve?s and Jim?s clothing got the most. I am surprised, looking back, that the passengers towards the front of the bus did not turn round to see what the grunts and hisses of unrestrained pleasure were all about. Maybe the noise of the bus engine was enough to hide the sounds of lust. But we were getting away with it.I didn?t have to call out ?what about me, Carol? now. That wonderfully erotic one finger come-and-get-it gesture was not long in coming. Nor were Roy and I. We both had our cocks in hand by now, as we both stood down off our seats and hurried forward - perhaps a little too eagerly, bumping hips on the way. Side by side, our jeans down to mid thigh, we stood before Carol seated there on the back seat facing the aisle, and allowed her astonishing, undreamed of ministration of our cocks. Two more hand jobs at once were under way, before an already satisfied and drained audience.What consummate skill, I thought later; but right then I was simply in paradise and wanted this, my first jerk off by a someone of the opposite sex, the first time a female had ever even touched my cock, let alone wank it, to last forever.I wanted to reach down at this vision of beauty seated before me and touch, just once, those firm looking free cam show breasts thrusting from her yellow t-shirt; but I lacked the courage anyway, so fixed my gaze on them trembling under her t-shirt as she moved her arms in rhythm. Carol saw totally focused on what she was doing to Roy and me during this moment to remember forever. I tried, oh how I tried to hold back, but Carol knew what she was about; she had done this before (lucky husband!), and knew exactly how to take us to paradise quickly. Jim came first, almost shouting his climax and spurting, like the others over his own clothing, mostly his jeans. I lost the little control I was trying to achieve and got there seconds later, celebrating my climax but stifling my wish to scream Carol?s name and ?I love you? to the world.I don?t believe in the rest of my life since, that I have ever produced as much thick, white viscous liquid from my balls as I did at that moment, nor that I have ever felt such outrageous pleasure. As we both stood there trembling, knees shaking, breathing heavily, Carol continued to squeeze the heads of my cock and Jim?s cock firmly until she seemed satisfied there was no more to squeeze out. We were not spared the routine of hand wiping on our clothing, but every single one of us would forgive Carol such a final cleansing act. Carol looked up at both of us with a half smile and eyes twinkling. She didn?t have to push us away nor make any more hand gestures. Jim and I hurriedly pulled up our pants and made a gap for Carol, who by this time was on her feet.This was probably the best way to end it all, now that the release was all over. Once more she put her index finger to her lips and made that delicious, sexy, adorable, nasal noise ssssshhhhhhhhh, whilst looking at all five of us in turn. She seemed pleased with herself, a gorgeous smile on her face, teeth sparkling white, lighting up her tanned face. Then she slid her fingers under her nostrils, as though sniffing the residue of her handiwork, and simply began to walk gracefully down the aisle of the coach. I felt she swayed those gorgeous slim hips in an exaggerated way as she moved. We all watched and desired it to happen again one day. It never did.As Carol got to the point where the steps lead down to the galley, Dave?s head popped up. He looked down, as though afraid to meet Carol?s eyes; he didn?t know what had happened during his absence. He would find out later. Carol stepped aside to let Dave pass, then smiled back at us, waving a hand in an oh so playful way, turned and went down the steps to the galley toilets.The lives of five young athletes would never be the same again.This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.The coach on the bus

August 17 2013


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July 25 2013


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welcome to my web journey

welcome to my web journey
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